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The parentage is Halbert x Mahan. Released in 1959, Wichita is a early, heavy producer. The nut is medium-sized, with a very good kernel color and percentage. The tree is vigorous, productive and begins to bear in only 5-7 years. It is an excellent choice for high density plantings. Wichita develops “V” limp angels that split and require careful training. Although not highly scab resistant, it does well with good fungicide spray programs. The variety has a low chilling requirement and is used for pollination of Pawnee and Western.

Released in 1959, Choctaw is an excellent choice because of its scab resistance and high yields of large, top-quality nuts usually taking 45 nuts to make a pound with 60% kernel under good conditions. Choctaw requires good soil conditions. Very few pecans bring a better price than Choctaw. Parentage is Success x Mahan. Good cracker.

Released in 1970. Cheyenne is a very productive, smaller tree bearing nuts in only 4 to 7 years. The parentage is Clark x Odom. Cheyenne produces high quality, medium-sized nuts. Typically 58 per pound. The kernel is cream-colored. Tree can be more susceptible to aphids. Resist pre-germ, good variety for late summer hot climate.

A new release, it is a cross between Mohawk and Starking Hardy Giant. Pawnee is an extremely early ripening variety. The nuts are medium-sized, and of high quality. The yield is about 50 nuts per pound with 58% kernel. There are large numbers of nuts per cluster. Pawnee appears to have a natural resistance to aphids.

Western Schley
Western is the number one pecan in the world because of its production and shelling quality. The Western is also popular in the Southwest. The tree is strong, productive and easy to train. Western comes into heavy production at a young age, producing about 57 nuts per pound with 59% kernel. The nut is long and medium-sized.

Its parentage is Major x Shoshoni. 70 nuts per pound with 54% kernel. Very good nut quality. Good Pollinator for Pawnee.

New Improved Varieties


Parentage is Cheyenne x Sioux. Precocity similar to Pawnee. Waco produces a large nut of excellent quality. Waco trees are vigorous with a branched center leader form. Waco develops strong limb angles and has a wind resistant tree structure. Trees are protandrous with early to mid-season pollen shed and mid-season pistil receptivity. Waco should be pollinated by Wichita and Kanza, and should be a good pollinator for Wichita and Kanza. Waco could have good potential for the Western United States growing areas. It is susceptible to scab and aphids. Waco could be a good cultivar on VC-168 rootstock for the Western United States.

Parentage is a cross with Mahan and Major. Lakota produces high quality nuts with 66 nuts per pound and 58% kernel. Lakota should be a good pollinator for and pollinated by Pawnee. The tree has a strong upright structure, develops strong limbs, develops strong limb angles and would be wind resistant. Lakota has high scab resistance. Early harvest 2 weeks after Pawnee.

Parentage is Cheyenne x Sioux. 44 nuts per pound, with 56% kernel. Nut flavor and quality are excellent. Straw colored kernel.




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